What you don’t see / Last week in my life #1


  • Coconut chia pudding, Hema’s packaging genius, snow (?), exibitions, socks and much more on my Instagram. Want to know what you’re missing? Follow me @sndguerin! 
  • Fascinating read! 24h in Duck and Waffle, the restaurant that never sleeps
  • Are all eggs large and butter always unsalted?
  • Somebody help me, I’m completely hooked!
  • I’ve been watching a bit too much of The Mentalist lately… But Simon Baker’s just too cute!
  • So, so, SO happy to see The Theory of Everything got the recognition it deserves in the BAFTAs and Golden Globes. Keeping my fingers crossed for the Academy Awards. Eddie Redmayne is truly incredible in it, and if you haven’t yet, you should go see it.
  • Loved Dara Vandor’s work at the currently running Lingerie Draw/er exhibition at The South Place Hotel. Delicate pen drawing and beautiful lingerie art, right down my aisle I have to admit! If you’re around, go take a look!
What you don’t see / Last week in my life #1

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