Making -and sharing- Memories

{Day 8872- Opening the doors of Making Memories}

I’ve always been very into the idea of having a home of my own.

As a teenager, I use to keep a notebook with cut-out pictures of dream interiors and collect disposable flatware because ‘it could come in handy when I moved to my own place’.

It took quite a few more years for me to realise that home didn’t have to be just that.

That building a home was just as much about picking objects to fill your physical space as it is about making memories in said space.

That the travel memories you make half way across the world and the taste of your dad’s signature lemon tart, your favourite breakfast and the little things that make you happy every day are just as big a part of home as, say, your sofa and your coffee table.

So here it is – a digital home for the memories I’m making.

Memories of daily life and extraordinary days, of being home and adventures far, far away, f delicious meals and life changing discoveries – in the hope it helps and inspires you to make your own!

Making -and sharing- Memories

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