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  • Dublin Mini Guide

    A mini guide to Dublin, Ireland ● Cake + Whisky

    My first plans of visiting Dublin go back a long, long while. Early 2012 to be precise. Fast forward 5 years almost to the day and there I was, finally stepping foot into the Emerald Isle’s capital. And it was totally worth the 5-year wait and anticipation.

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  • Hudson Whiskey Tasting at The Vestry

    There’s no better feelling than that of discovering a new favourite place when you weren’t looking for it. You’re walking down a road you’ve walked down a thousand times before, and then you noticed it. It looks nice and welcoming, so you push the door and get in. And before you know it, you end […]

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  • LoveScotch pop-up at The Drift

    Lovescotch Pop-Up at The Drift

    Neat, on ice or with soda. That’s pretty much the only options you have when it comes to Scotch whisky. Or rather, had, before the #Lovescotch pop-up opened. An exclusive partnership between swanky City restaurant The Drift and upscale spirit brand Diageo, Lovescotch aims at proving that Scotch is much more versatile that it’s given credit […]

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  • 7 best London restaurants for Father’s Day

    Flat Iron | Best London restaurants for Father's Day | Cake + Whisky

    I’ve never been Daddy’s little girl but I’ll still take any opportunity to spoil my parents. After all, it’s only fair after all they’ve done and are still doing for me. Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat the most important man in your life (sorry BF…).

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  • Dusk til Pawn, Manchester

    Dusk til Pawn, Manchester | Cake + Whisky

    Manchester is a great city by day, but it only comes truly alive at night. Famous across the country for its buzzy nightlife and eclectic music scene, Mancurian bars & clubs are second to none and a visit to one of the city’s top cocktail bars  is an absolute weekend must-do. Manchester’s hip Northern Quarter […]