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  • Best-ever Guacamole

    Best-ever guacamole (vegan, GF) | Cake + Whisky

    When people ask me what my go-to recipe, or death-row dish is, they always assume my answer will be a cake of some description. But the truth is, if my ultimate brownies recipe comes a close second, with anything salted caramel not far behind, guacamole is what makes it to the very top of my […]

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  • Winter Pistou Soup

    Winter Pistou Soup | Cake + Whisky

    Soooo, I might have gone a teeny tiny (huge) bit overboard with sales shopping in January. Which has made me the proud owner of two sets of guest towels, a beautiful breakfast tray and a dozen candles amongst other things. And a little bit broke in the process.