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  • Kiln, Soho

    Kiln, Soho ● Restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

    With so many new restaurants popping up in London every month week, coming across something that’s not already been de- and re-constructed 25 times over is a rare thing. And yet it’s just what super-popular, Thai-inspired Kiln does. With a succession of 5* reviews under their belt, as well original Thai-inspired small plates cooked with first-class British […]

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  • DSTRKT London

    DSTRKT London review

    Put together the words ‘Piccadilly Circus’, ‘eclectic menu’ and ‘club’, and you’re pretty much garanteed I’m never, ever going to set food into whatever restaurant you’re talking about. I did however make an exception for DSTRKT and I’m so glad I did.

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  • Absurd Bird, Soho

    I first fell in love with Deep South American classics when we visited New Orleans a bit over a year ago. The weather this past few day had me reminissing about that trip, craving the heat, the Bourbon Street atmosphere, the music, and most of all, the food!

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  • Señor Ceviche

    Señor Ceviche, London | Cake + Whisky

    With so many new pop-ups and restaurants opening their doors every week, return visits are a rare occurence, especially if said restaurants don’t happen to be within a 5-min walking radius from my front door.