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  • Forest Avenue, Dublin

    Forest Avenue restaurant, Dublin | Cake + Whisky

    I’m afraid that when it comes to food & drinks, a lot of the clichés about Ireland and Dublin are really rather true. So yes, there’s a pub on (almost litteraly) every corner, and the vast majority of your meals will include the holy meat-stew-potato-and-cabbage trinity. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if […]

  • London
  • Breddos Tacos

    Breddos Tacos, London | Cake + Whisky

    Pink hour in London is nothing short of magical: the sky has that surreal, cotton candy quality to it, street art looks more majestic than ever and, most importantly, there are seats available at Clerkenwell’s hottest new restaurant, Breddos Tacos!

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  • DSTRKT London

    DSTRKT London review

    Put together the words ‘Piccadilly Circus’, ‘eclectic menu’ and ‘club’, and you’re pretty much garanteed I’m never, ever going to set food into whatever restaurant you’re talking about. I did however make an exception for DSTRKT and I’m so glad I did.