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  • Dip & Flip

    Dip & Flip • London Restaurant Review • Cake + Whisky

    As a shameless central London resident, there’s only one way to get me south of the river. And the promise of delicious, decadent, food-porn-worthy burgers is that way. Luckily for me, my (fellow burger lover) friends are all too aware of that fact. And that’s how I found myself on an over-packed Northern line (aka. […]

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  • KERB Camden Highlights

    KERB Camden | Cake + Whisky

    About a month and a half ago, the company I work for moved its offices to Camden for the Summer, and it didn’t take me long to start grumbling about the limited amount of choice available when it comes to non-deep-fried lunch options around.

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  • Scottish brunch at Mac and Wild

    On one of my -very productive- days scrolling the internet, I came across the word ‘fernweh’. Fernweh is a consuming longing to be somewhere you’ve never been. I wasn’t sure I really understood it at the time, but it all made sense the second I stepped into Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia.

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  • French burgers at Big Fernand

    Big Fernand, London | Cake + Whisky

    Big Fernand is ZE name for burgers in Paris. I lived in Paris and I love burgers. And yet I never went. #WHAAAAT Luckily, Big Fernand followed me to London and opened a restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia. It was only a matter of time until Michelle, Binny & I found our way there… […]