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  • The Fumbally, Dublin

    Dublin's best brunch at The Fumbally | Cake + Whisky

    It’s hardly a secret that carbs are my soft spot. I could happily have pasta for every meal, can’t decline a slice of cake and have no idea how to say no to French fries. But my biggest weakness is bread. So from the moment I entered the door, I knew I would feel very […]

  • London
  • Brunch at Oldroyd

    I don’t believe Oldroyd needs any introduction. I have already written about it several times, and yet here I am again, writing about it once more. But then again, what’s a girl to do when one of her absolute favourite locals starts doing brunch eh?

  • London
  • Scottish brunch at Mac and Wild

    On one of my -very productive- days scrolling the internet, I came across the word ‘fernweh’. Fernweh is a consuming longing to be somewhere you’ve never been. I wasn’t sure I really understood it at the time, but it all made sense the second I stepped into Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia.

  • London
  • Brunch at Dishoom

    Brunch at Dishoom King's Cross | Cake + Whisky

    I don’t usually give another chance to restaurants that disappoint the first time around but I made an exception for Dishoom. But many people told me that going for dinner was a mistake, and brunch was what Dishoom was all about…

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  • Evelyn’s Cafe Bar, Manchester

    Evelyn's Cafe Bar, Manchester | Cake + Whisky

    Soooo… I might not be the most organised of travel bloggers (for that, you might want to check Silverspoon London!). To be completely honest, a large part of my travel plans is always dedicated to ‘wandering around’ and ‘exploring the tiny streets’. But one thing I always, always make extensive research on is restaurants. And […]