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  • Dublin Mini Guide

    A mini guide to Dublin, Ireland ● Cake + Whisky

    My first plans of visiting Dublin go back a long, long while. Early 2012 to be precise. Fast forward 5 years almost to the day and there I was, finally stepping foot into the Emerald Isle’s capital. And it was totally worth the 5-year wait and anticipation.

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  • Forest Avenue, Dublin

    Forest Avenue restaurant, Dublin | Cake + Whisky

    I’m afraid that when it comes to food & drinks, a lot of the clichés about Ireland and Dublin are really rather true. So yes, there’s a pub on (almost litteraly) every corner, and the vast majority of your meals will include the holy meat-stew-potato-and-cabbage trinity. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if […]

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  • The Fumbally, Dublin

    Dublin's best brunch at The Fumbally | Cake + Whisky

    It’s hardly a secret that carbs are my soft spot. I could happily have pasta for every meal, can’t decline a slice of cake and have no idea how to say no to French fries. But my biggest weakness is bread. So from the moment I entered the door, I knew I would feel very […]