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    January Favourites | Cake + Whisky

    Can someone please explain to me how it’s already time for me to hit the publish button for my January favourites? Where did the time go? How are we a month into 2017 already? HOW? Not that Jan’ wasn’t a good month or anything, ’cause it truly was (thanks to all the bits below), but […]

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  • October Favourites

    October favourites 2016 | Cake + Whisky

    Is it just me or is the end of 2016 getting really really close now? And more importantly, where did said year go? November already? Really? On the plus side, it’s now officially the countdown to Christmas! Glittery lights getting switched on this week all across London, loads of present thinking/shopping/wrapping, plus¬†some of my favourite […]

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  • August Favourites

    August favourites | Cake + Whisky

    August is simply the best. It’s my birthday month, and also my boyfriend’s, which always makes it a really busy month, but let me tell you, it’s really outdone itself this year. With two birthday celebrations, National Burger Day, a holiday to plan, a wedding to attend and some gorgeous weather to take full advantage […]

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  • April Favourites

    May (and a somewhat less f*cking crazy weather) is finally here!¬†April? I blinked and it was over. Between us visiting Manchester and my family coming over from France to see us (and Buckinham Palace), this last month simply whizzed past! Which is not to say it wasn’t a lot of fun! Because it truly was! […]