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  • Berber & Q’s Shawarma Bar

    God, looking for a new flat in London is an exausting task! So after a loooooong morning of (rather unsuccessful) viewings, when we found ourselves right around the corner of my favourite little pocket of London, we decided to take a break from it all and treat ourself to a nice lunch. Our spot of […]

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  • Hudson Whiskey Tasting at The Vestry

    There’s no better feelling than that of discovering a new favourite place when you weren’t looking for it. You’re walking down a road you’ve walked down a thousand times before, and then you noticed it. It looks nice and welcoming, so you push the door and get in. And before you know it, you end […]

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  • Breddos Tacos

    Breddos Tacos, London | Cake + Whisky

    Pink hour in London is nothing short of magical: the sky has that surreal, cotton candy quality to it, street art looks more majestic than ever and, most importantly, there are seats available at Clerkenwell’s hottest new restaurant, Breddos Tacos!

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  • Ahi Poke, Fitzrovia

    With both of my siblings visiting back-to-back, this week is o-fish-ally the busiest ones this year. Admittedly, it’s only the beginning of January, but I doubt it’s going to get worse than that any time soon. The good thing about my brother & sister though is that when I offer to go here or there […]

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  • Bodean’s BBQ, Muswell Hill

    Bodean's, Muswell Hill, London

    American BBQ isn’t quite the thing new year’s resolution are made of. Unless of course, you find yourself in North London, happen to climb from the bottom to the top of Muswell Hill, with a couple of healthy sales-oriented pitstops inbetween…

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  • DSTRKT London

    DSTRKT London review

    Put together the words ‘Piccadilly Circus’, ‘eclectic menu’ and ‘club’, and you’re pretty much garanteed I’m never, ever going to set food into whatever restaurant you’re talking about. I did however make an exception for DSTRKT and I’m so glad I did.