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  • Hudson Whiskey Tasting at The Vestry

    There’s no better feelling than that of discovering a new favourite place when you weren’t looking for it. You’re walking down a road you’ve walked down a thousand times before, and then you noticed it. It looks nice and welcoming, so you push the door and get in. And before you know it, you end […]

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  • Halloween in London

    Halloween in London 2016

    Spending Halloween in London? There are plenty of hair-raising alternatives to choose from! From terrifyingly fun balls to a feast worthy of a ghoul, here’s my pick of the best places to have a terrific, terrifying time in London this Halloween!

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  • LoveScotch pop-up at The Drift

    Lovescotch Pop-Up at The Drift

    Neat, on ice or with soda. That’s pretty much the only options you have when it comes to Scotch whisky. Or rather, had, before the #Lovescotch pop-up opened. An exclusive partnership between swanky City restaurant The Drift and upscale spirit brand┬áDiageo, Lovescotch aims at proving that Scotch is much more versatile that it’s given credit […]

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  • Brownie Bake Off at Rise Bakery

    Double chocolate raspberry brownie | Cake + Whisky

    I suppose my love for brownies is no longer a secret. So when Food Sauce challenged me to a brownie bake off at Rise Bakery, a charity providing catering training for people affected by homelessness, I put my brownies’ head on and off to East London I went.