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  • The Grill on the Market

    The Grill on the Market • London Restaurant Review • Cake + Whisky

    As much as I love plant-based food, there are times when only steak will do. And when the craving strikes, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at The Grill on the Market. Located just opposite the iconic Smithfields market, The Grill on the Market is a modern steakhouse in all its brick-and-red-leather glory. The week’s […]

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  • Dip & Flip

    Dip & Flip • London Restaurant Review • Cake + Whisky

    As a shameless central London resident, there’s only one way to get me south of the river. And the promise of delicious, decadent, food-porn-worthy burgers is that way. Luckily for me, my (fellow burger lover) friends are all too aware of that fact. And that’s how I found myself on an over-packed Northern line (aka. […]

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  • Kiln, Soho

    Kiln, Soho ● Restaurant review ● Cake + Whisky

    With so many new restaurants popping up in London every month week, coming across something that’s not already been de- and re-constructed 25 times over is a rare thing. And yet it’s just what super-popular, Thai-inspired Kiln does. With a succession of 5* reviews under their belt, as well original Thai-inspired small plates cooked with first-class British […]