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Shake Shack

When it comes to London’s best burgers, the queues usually know where it’s at. Unfortunately, Shake Shack is no different in that regard…


Climbing Montjuïc, Barcelona

For our second (and last – for this time at least) day in Barcelona, we were determined to keep to exploration going. But even the most seasoned of explorers knows that you won’t get anywhere on an empty stomach…


Walking in Barcelona

They say it about Paris, but the truth is, Barcelona is also always a good idea. It’s small enough so you can walk pretty much anywhere, and the more you wander, the more you’ll discover.


Spring vegetable quiche (V)

Asparagus & pea season is one of the best seasons, if you ask me. After never ending months of winter, where your 5-a-day is basically made up of carrots, some sort of cabbage and apples (booooooooring)…


The Palomar revisited

I love Easter Monday. All the tourists that flooded to the capital are on their way home, the Londoners that were clever enough to escape the egg-hunting crowds aren’t back yet…


Classic chocolate mousse

When it comes to food, I don’t have many pet peeves. Want to re-invent a classic by putting a massive twist on it? Go ahead (and let me know how it goes). Craving your favourite summer dish in the middle of winter? By all means…