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Sushi Shop Summer Box

I love cooking. In a curious, trial-and-error, obsessive sort of way. But even I couldn’t bring myself to turn the stovetop and/or oven on in the heatwave we’ve been blessed with those past few days.


Tapas on the Thames

Summer in London is something truly special: the sun shines over the Thames, the city slows down a bit and everyone takes any excuse they get to be outside as much as they can.



Home is one of the most complicated words in the English language. Or maybe it’s just me & my complicated home situation speaking…


A Taste of Summer – The perfect G&T

When life gives you Summer, you better have G&Ts at the ready! Introduced by the army of the British East India Company in India, Gin & Tonic is the perfect drink for when the weather’s hot and the sun is shining.